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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Our enterprise mastered and makes details of the pump equipment:
• the pump TsNS 180 (90)/1050 (1422, 1900) (supply of reservoir water in oil production) - all details of the pump, except the pressure head and soaking-up covers (the driving wheels 20X13, 12X18H10T directing devices condense - telny rings, sections, the case of trailer consolidation, a bearing arm, inserts, an unloading disk, a hydroheel pillow, zubcha-thawing the coupling); • the pump CKM, AHC (100-500)/(25-65) (supply of juice, syrups on the sugar plants) - production of turnkey pumps, and also details which enter it; • nutritious pumps PE 100 (150, 270, 380, 580) (giving of feedwater of thermal power plant) - the driving wheels directing devices, sections condense - telny rings, shaft shirts, inserts, unloading disks, podush-ki hydroheels, shaft; • condensate pumps KSV, KSG (giving of feedwater of thermal power plant) - rabo-the chy wheels which are directing devices, sealing rings, razgru-zochny drums, shaft, the pressure head and soaking-up covers; • pumps NANOMETERS (driving wheels, sealing rings, inserts, razgru-zochny disks); • D 2500 (3200) pumps - a rotor assembled.
The bases completing the compressor equipment 16, 25, 40:
• HKK, BKK, HKT, BKT 250-2-40-1500 valve, 220-2,0-40, 180-2,0-100-1500, 160-2,0-40, 140-1,5-160; • piston groups; • trubchatka; • conrod bolts and nuts; • crossheads; • rods, inserts, conrod plugs; • rods; • consolidations of a rod; • oil consolidations.
Gas-distributing GPA-Ts-6,3 (16) units: • basic, persistent, basic and persistent bearings of sliding; • oil consolidations of a rotor; • block of oil pumps; • maslootvodchik; • support;

• the torsion shaft.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2018
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